Sale! BERRI TXARRAK "Denbora Da Poligrafo Bakarra" 3CD (2014) View larger

BERRI TXARRAK "Denbora Da Poligrafo Bakarra" 3CD (2014)


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1- Lanbroan
2- Ordaina
3- Alegia
4- Zimelkor
5- Armak
6- Etsia
7- Sutxakurrak

1- Aditu bihurtuak
2- Bigarren itzala
3- Lemak, aingurak
4- Poligrafo bakarra
5- Bele erraldoia
6- Helduleku guztiak
7- 26 segundotan

1- Zerbait asmatuko dugu
2- Hemen sukaldarien herrian
3- Orain norbait zara
4- Hitzen oinarri ahula
5- Xake-mate kultural bat
6- Bigarren eskuko amets

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After the positive vibe during the recording sessions of the last album ‘Haria’ (2011), we decided to take the BTX-Ross Robinson artistic partnership to the next level. This legendary producer (At The Drive-In, Slipknot, The Cure, Sepultura…) looks for the purest emotional and spiritual aspect of music and he’ll use all his experience to get that extremely thrilling take you didn’t even know you were able to perform.

March 2014, Venice, CA
Produced by: Ross Robinson
Mixed by: Jan Kerscher
Mastered by: Alan Douches

We decided to write a bunch of special songs for the 2nd EP of this tour de force, leaving all our fears and prejudices behind, style-wise. We hired Barcelona-based indie producer Ricky Falkner (Standstill, Lori Meyers, Love of Lesbian…) for this mission. We were sure that he’d be able to face these songs with a different approach. Darkish lyrics for a pop-inspired EP.

July/August 2014, Reno Studios, Madrid
Produced by: Ricky Falkner
Mixed by: Luca Petricca
Mastered by: Fred Kevorkian

Bill Stevenson is definitely one of the names you’d think of when it comes to understanding punk rock’s history. As a musician he plays/has played the drums for Black Flag, Descendents, All, Only Crime and even The Lemonheads. In the studio, he’s undoubtedly become one of the most important producers of American punk rock biggest acts: Rise Against, NoFX… always side by side with engineer Jason Livermore. 

This EP is full of short, direct songs: two-minute sonic bullets, recorded and mixed old school style at The Blasting Room in just one week (all the band playing together in the main room of the studio).

September 2014, Fort Collins, CO
Produced by: Bill Stevenson
Mixed by: Jason Livermore
Mastering by: Jason Livermore